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I want to start again. It’s been an endless cycle for me in the blogging work: Active – Hiatus – Dead – Zombie Mode – Active. Ever since I started working I have less and less time for blogging nowadays. There’s so much things that I wanted to do but there is little time. Sometimes I find myself awake until the wee hours of the night (or morning) reflecting on what I have been doing in the past years of my life. Anyway enough about my rants, the important thing is I’m back again trying to revive my lonely home in the blogosphere. 🙂

Fizzy Outburst — it’s a title that I come up with when thinking about renovating my blog. It’s either I set-up another blogspace in wordpress or stick with this current one. Since I remembered that I have less time for writing things up, I think I’d rather speak through pictures in my blog. But I still promise to write even short posts about my interests. Why did I chose Fizzy Outburst? I noticed that sometimes I have this sudden bursts of inspiration come out from me. Sometimes unusual ideas pop-up at the most inappropriate times. These are the times when I’m not in front of my PC thinking of what to blog. With that I’m trying hard to stick to these ideas, making mental notes or taking them down in my cellphone just for me to remember them. The only problem again is finding the time to write it here. Anyway, let’s see if I can keep this up — (I also said this when I started my Tumblr account). Let’s hope for the best.

There may be changes with my current lay-out since I’m not yet decided on what the final version will be. 😛 . I think this will be my default theme for now. Just a little more minor tweaking and I’m done. Also, I’ll be writing mostly in English (Obviously to sharpen my English writing skills) so I want to say sorry in advance for future (and current) grammatical errors. Maybe there will be a little post on Tagalog every now and then. Let’s see where it takes us. 🙂

What to expect in the coming days: Past Adventures, Reviews, Hobbies, Reflections and whatever ideas that I can save from this fizzy brain of mine.



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