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Life Update

  • Currently reading ‘Life of Pi’ by Yan Martell. I still have 5 books pending to be finished: ‘Eleven Minutes’ by Paolo Coelho, ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ by Gabriel Garcia Bernal (Which I doubt that I would finish since I already saw the film), ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Kosseini (I’m avoiding the film so that I could read this) and two self-help books which was given to me as a gift (I’m not a fan of self-help books).
  • Was so into ‘Suikoden Tierkreis’ for the Nintendo DS, got bored and left it halfway and got engrossed with ‘DotA’ and ‘Left 4 Dead’. I’m thinking of re-playing ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ for the Playstation 2.
  • Got sucked in another hobby which is photography. Imagery in all mediums has always fascinated me before. This time imagery via light captured my interest the most. Now I have tons of pictures awaiting to be post-processed.
  • Health issues already bothered me. Although I’m still young (I’m talking about early twenties here. And that’s still young for me. :D), I’m already experiencing the cons of having a deskjob (increasing mass, less bodily movment).
  • I’m in desperate need of a vacation or just a relaxing break from this city life. Been planning with friends to go to Puerto for a weekend. I hope by that time the weather would cooperate with us.
  • My sleep cycles has already been broken. I’ve been sleeping at around 2-3 AM in the morning and wakes up at around 8 AM. I think I need stronger sleeping pills.
  • Just finished ‘Ga Rei Zero’ series. It was great Anime with intense action and interesting storyline. It’s a much needed break from the light-comedy Animes that I’ve been watching. ‘Shikabane Hime’ and ‘Toradora’ still pending to be finished though.
  • What else?…. Oh, I like donuts.


Biyernes ng gabi. Masaya akong umuwi ng aking bahay sapagkat tapos na ang aking trabaho para sa linggong iyon. Sinalubong ako ng aking lola na kasalukuyang nag-aayos ng mga upuan at lamesa sa aming bakuran. “Anak” Ika ni lola. “Bakit po?” tugon ko.

“Wala na ang iyong ina”.

Natigil ang pag-ikot ng aking mundo. Nagulantang sa mga salitang aking narinig.

“Ano po?”

“Ang iyong ina, lumisan na”

“Hindi Maari…”

Dali-dali akong pumasok sa bahay, inakyat ang kwarto ng aking mga magulang at binuksan ang kanilang aparador. Kulang. Nawawala. Kulang. Nawawala ang karamihan ng damit ng aking ina. Hindi makapaniwala, parang baliw na iling ng iling ang aking ulo.

“Kasinungalingan lang ang lahat!” ang sabi ko sa aking sarili.

Binuksan ko rin ang aparador na naglalaman ng mga maleta. Kulang. Hindi maari. Nawawala. Kulang. Nawawala ang isa sa mga maleta!

Nanlilingid na ang mga luha sa aking mga mata ngunit pilit kong pinipigilan. Unti-unti ko na ring tinanggap ang realidad: Wala na si ina. Wala na… Napasandal na lang ako sa aparador at dahan dahang naupo sa sahig habang pilit na kinukubli ang mga hikbi.

“Bakit?” Hinayaan kong dumaloy ang mga luha. “Bakit?” Nararamdan ko ang bawat patak sa aking mga braso. “Bakit?” Natikman ang ka-alatan ng bawat hinagpis mula sa aking mga mata. “Ba-kit…”

–Makalipas ang tatlong araw–

Lunes, bumalik ang aking ina. Lubos ang aking galak sapagkat siya ay nagbalik dala ang sandamakmak na pampa-lubag loob:

Ang Pampalubag loob
At ako’y nabuhay ng masaya habambuhay.
(Siyet! Naubos ko na ang isang supot ng sampalok.)

Ang mga totoong pangyayari:
* Biyernes, umuwi ako at nakita ko si lola na naka-feng shui mode na naman sa terrace. Inaayos niya na naman for the nth time ang mga upuan at lamesa. Tinanong ko siya kung nasaan si Mama, ang sagot niya eh nagpunta raw ng Negros kasama ang mga tita ko. Sabi ko na lang “Ah ok…” pero sa loob-loob ko: Hmp! Hindi ako sinama ๐Ÿ˜ฆ *sob*. Umakyat na lang ako sa aking kwarto at naglaro ng DOTA, binuhos ang lahat galit kay Lina Inverse.. LAGUNA BLADE!

Thirsty for Blood?

Ahh… Jun ji-hyun. I remember the time when I first saw you in the Korean hit: My Sassy Girl. How you wowed me by your performance as the cute sadistic female protagonist in the film. How you sparked the Korean romatic comedy formula mania here in the Philippines. How me and my brother scoured the internet and the bowels of Quiapo to search for your previous films (White Valentine, Il Mare, WindStruck, The Uninvited, Daisy and A Man Who was Superman <- just theatrically released, have to wait for it to surface in the net or dibidi). Films which you portrayed different characters with such charm and cuteness. In a way we are blinded by your spell, wishing that you will star in a new movie.

And so our wishes came true with Blood The Last vampire

a live-action film adaptation of Blood: The Last Vampire, directed by Ronny Yu, and primarily filmed in English rather than Japanese. The film’s setting is shifted slightly from the anime to 1948 at a United States Army camp in Tokyo, shortly after the conclusion of World War II during the American occupation of Japan. Saya (Jun ji-hyun) will be a 400-year-old half human-half vampire who hunts vampires which are also her only source for food. Normally a loner, Saya forms a friendship with a young girl while preparing to battle Onigen, the highest ranking of the vampires. -Wikipedia

Thank you Jun. Now if you could only change your English screen name (Gianna Jun — I don’t know how to pronouce it, Geeyana or Jeeyana) to something more catchy and sexy then I would love you more.

The Big Move

Danboard moves to WordPress

It will be four years since I started blogging. I’ve been a blogspot user way before Google bought them and got integrated with Google’s systemย  So why move? I remember once in the past years of my blogging life that I almost moved to wordpress when I took notice of it but hesistation stopped me from doing so. Now, I’m open to test new waters, try new stuff and blog about the things that really interests me. So from Blogger to WordPress… Janboard (a.k.a Johnjan) is finally WordPressed!


Tweet Tweet!

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