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Silver Screen: The Age of Stupid

Caring for the environment – this is one idea that most people are actively talking about; however it just starts and ends from there. To most of us, it’s just an idea. Something that we keep at the back of our heads until its forgotten. Yes, some of us are actively buy clothing, bumper stickers, paraphernalia, attend concerts, join fund-raisers that promote the idea of caring for the environment; but will it just be up to that? Do we ever ask ourselves where is the result of my ‘environmental’ activities? Will it just be another fad or trend that goes in and out of style?

Silver Screen Returns!

Yes. I’m bringing it back: Silver Screen 2-point-Oh. In my previous blog home I usually write short reviews on the latest movies that I’ve just seen. Sometimes in one movie-review-post I would feature at least three films and give out just my quick impressions on them. I kept doing that for sometime until it became a boring. I mean here am I writing my impressions on movies that most people have already seen or planning on seeing… so I lost interest on doing that.

This time around with Silver Screen 2.0, I plan to feature films of all types (Animation, Documentary, Live Action, Foreign, Local) that were actually good but didn’t had the chance to be shown in our local shores or were underrated. There were actually a lot of good films out there. Sometimes we just need to open our minds to them. So here I am again, inviting you to join me in my journey to the different realms of Moving Pictures!


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