Ready. Set. Begin!

Two days left and my month-long holiday vacation will be over. And before I start my working days again, I’d like to start-off with my goals or resolutions for this new year. I know, resolutions might be only effective during the first quarter of a new year since by mid-year, they are most-likely forgotten. But anyways, here are mine:

  1. Be Healthy. Yes. Weight issues is one of the common problems for programmers. Imagine being couped up in a cubicle for 8 hours a day just staring at the computer; Eating and just typing away. This year I have to try to be more active. Move more and do more.
  2. Correct Sleeping Patterns. This is one thing that has been a long time problem for me. I have this sort of mild insomnia going on. It’s really hard for me to sleep at night resulting in me waking up late the next day. I’m not much of a morning person but I’d like to change that and experience what I’m missing during the mornings.
  3. Think About the Future. I’m the kind of person that lives for the moment. I mean the most important thing for me (when it comes to Time) right now is ‘Right Now’. It’s not that I’m oblivious to the future but I guess I have to start looking more into them this year.
  4. Be more Socially Active. I love my privacy. Sometimes  in my alone time I get this weird but brilliant ideas (In my own opinion, that is *peace* ) that I output via my pictures or blog. However I just noticed in the past year that I’m becoming more and more introverted. Heck! During the past few days I just realized that I had trapped myself in my own room. I’d like to change that a little.
  5. Step Up to the Challenge. Sometimes there is this burst of courage that comes from within pushing me to do a certain thing that I am uncertain of doing. For the past year, I’ve been wheeling my way out of situations that requires me to up the ante. I know somehow that I could do it, but something is pulling be back. So I’d like pull myself forward this time around.

Well, that’s all that I could think of at the moment. Actually, resolutions should not be just made during the start of a new year. At any given time or day, one can make resolutions. I mean who really cares when you make your resolutions right? If you feel like changing something or a change is needed. Do it as soon as possible.

As for me and my life this year, I’ll try my best to stick to these resolutions of mine and I’m going to borrow one of Barney Stinson‘s famous lines: “It’s going to be Legend… Wait for it! …DARY!”.

*How legendary would it be? Legendary in my own way. Who knows, right? So what are your resolutions, goals, targets or whatevers?

4 Responses to “Ready. Set. Begin!”

  1. 1 Rowell 11.01.2010 bandang 2:16 hapon

    well, your resolutions are almost the same as mine (as any others have too), except item #2. 😉

  2. 2 meanto 20.03.2010 bandang 4:25 hapon

    alwi… this is a nice pure tagalog form. anyway … what was it again that I was going to say about your blog? 🙂 I have an issue regarding the sleeping thing. I have an erratic sleeping behavior causing me odd insomniac nights… maybe two nights and then after that I’ll have regular sleeps again.. it’s odd

    Mediocasa, intermediazione e consulenza imobiliare.

  3. 3 Rupert 27.02.2013 bandang 11:51 hapon

    Haha oo mukang mahirap yung #2. Dahil ang mga trabaho ng Pinoy ngayon ay walang pattern. Minsan umaga, minsan gabi, at minsan wala ka na talagang tulog 🙂

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