Under Maintenance

Aaargh! I think my 2 year-old Nintendo DS Lite’s hinge cannot hold it any longer.  As you can see in the photo,  a huge chunk of the hinge is already missing :(. Most first generation DSLite (Polar white Lites, like mine) had got this problem going on. They start with just a hairline crack and later on it just grows and grows and grows.

Nintendo’s defense is that this hinge crack is just a cosmetic defect since it does not intrude with game play. However for DS lite owners this can be a big deal. In my case, my DS can no longer support the top screen unless I put it in a polycarbonate case. I can also no longer play while lying down since the DS closes automatically (gravity issues). Another problem for me is that there is no Nintendo support for such issues here in the Philippines and having this repaired in local gaming shops costs about almost half of a new DS Lite.

Anyway, my DSLite still works but I would really love it if it would get fixed. 😦

2 Responses to “Under Maintenance”

  1. 1 Rowjie 28.12.2009 bandang 9:07 umaga

    Good that it’s still working. 😉

  2. 2 janboard 30.12.2009 bandang 7:05 hapon

    Yep. Nintendo creates sturdy handheld consoles (i.e. gameboy), it’s just that they overlooked a flaw with the first gen DS Lites.

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