Pop! Can’t Stop!

I’ve noticed that there seem to be a bunch of K-pop artists trying to go global. With the success of the Wonder Girls (Nobody, Nobody but you! clap-clap), more and more artists from other Asian countries are penetrating our local music scene. Actually when we take a look back there are already artists from Japan, Indonesia and Korea that made it big here.

Can you recall the Japanese group Pizzicato 5? I’m sure you must have heard their smash hit ‘Sweet Soul Revue’ back in the 90s. How about Utada Hikaru with her debut single here ‘Automatic’ and the more popular ‘First Love’? Surely you must have danced to the¬†ridiculously addictive ‘Dayang Dayang’ from Indonesia. Remember those days?

Also there is a surge of Korean/Taiwan music when the popular koreanovelas such as Meteor Garden, Stairway to Heaven and Lovers in Paris were Tagalized (F4 anyone?). Further back then Anime shows like Dragonball (CHALA HEAD CHALA!) and Voltes Five (Voltes Fivaaa!) introduced to kids the power of addictive melody and singing unknown lyrics.

Super Junior - I can't understand why they need to have 13 members (perhaps more than the Sexbomb?)

Diversity is such a wonderful thing. At least now we many choices and not just limited to our genre of music. I just hope that our people will give more support to our local artists and I also hope that our local artists will come up with something new and unique (No more revivals, acoustic versions or tagalized version of foreign songs please.). Other than that, do you fancy K-pop or J-pop music?

Before I end my blurb, here is something that I just discovered off of Youtube: The Yazima Beauty Salon group. Just check their wiki page for more info. I just find them (Specially Strawberry) so hilarious! The Japanese never ceases to amaze me:

3 Responses to “Pop! Can’t Stop!”

  1. 1 Rowjie 12.11.2009 bandang 8:29 umaga

    Haven’t tried listening to this k-pop lately.

  2. 2 janboard 12.11.2009 bandang 1:01 hapon

    @Rowjie – Well there’s no harm in trying. Although I just choose kpop/jpop songs based on how good the melody is (I’m currently addictive to ‘Hamaguri Bomber’ hehehe).

  3. 3 marc almighty 28.01.2010 bandang 6:56 hapon

    actually, k-pop is really addictive…

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