The Big Move

Danboard moves to WordPress

It will be four years since I started blogging. I’ve been a blogspot user way before Google bought them and got integrated with Google’s systemΒ  So why move? I remember once in the past years of my blogging life that I almost moved to wordpress when I took notice of it but hesistation stopped me from doing so. Now, I’m open to test new waters, try new stuff and blog about the things that really interests me. So from Blogger to WordPress… Janboard (a.k.a Johnjan) is finally WordPressed!

17 Responses to “The Big Move”

  1. 2 janboard 22.02.2009 bandang 10:38 hapon

    Thanks Pepe McKunat. πŸ™‚

  2. 3 Rowjie 22.02.2009 bandang 10:39 hapon

    okay. saw it na. bwahahaha

  3. 4 Rowjie 22.02.2009 bandang 10:40 hapon

    anyway, astig ng idea. hahaha. truly a master. idolo ko talaga. hehehe…

  4. 5 janboard 22.02.2009 bandang 11:00 hapon

    Salamat Rowjielogy, Master of Color. Medyo naninibago pa ako sa WordPress pero sige lang go lang ng go!

  5. 7 iamhoolihan 23.02.2009 bandang 3:47 hapon

    i am a newbie here for the 4th time. haha

  6. 8 blurosebluguy 23.02.2009 bandang 6:11 hapon


  7. 9 janboard 23.02.2009 bandang 10:50 hapon

    Thanks blurosebluguy. πŸ™‚

  8. 10 janboard 23.02.2009 bandang 10:50 hapon

    Hmmm… That makes me a 2nd time newbie! mwahahaha

  9. 11 janboard 23.02.2009 bandang 10:51 hapon

    Right back at ya foobarph!

  10. 12 ysiad 26.02.2009 bandang 10:50 hapon

    ahahaha ayus!

  11. 13 sandijmartin 27.02.2009 bandang 5:04 hapon

    welcome to wordpress πŸ™‚

  12. 16 batopik 03.03.2009 bandang 11:21 hapon

    wewewewelcome animatech to wordpress!!!
    ahh.. eh.. question..
    babae ka po ba? hakhak!
    di ko alam ang itatawag ko sayo kung ate o kuya eh. hakhak!

  13. 17 janboard 11.04.2009 bandang 1:04 umaga

    Salamat Batopik! Just call me koya, as in “Koya wag po…. wag po kayong tomegel”. PEace! πŸ˜€

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