Ready. Set. Begin!

Two days left and my month-long holiday vacation will be over. And before I start my working days again, I’d like to start-off with my goals or resolutions for this new year. I know, resolutions might be only effective during the first quarter of a new year since by mid-year, they are most-likely forgotten. But anyways, here are mine:

Ipagpatuloy ang pagbabasa ‘Ready. Set. Begin!’

Under Maintenance

Aaargh! I think my 2 year-old Nintendo DS Lite’s hinge cannot hold it any longer.  As you can see in the photo,  a huge chunk of the hinge is already missing :(. Most first generation DSLite (Polar white Lites, like mine) had got this problem going on. They start with just a hairline crack and later on it just grows and grows and grows.

Ipagpatuloy ang pagbabasa ‘Under Maintenance’

Silver Screen: The Age of Stupid

Caring for the environment – this is one idea that most people are actively talking about; however it just starts and ends from there. To most of us, it’s just an idea. Something that we keep at the back of our heads until its forgotten. Yes, some of us are actively buy clothing, bumper stickers, paraphernalia, attend concerts, join fund-raisers that promote the idea of caring for the environment; but will it just be up to that? Do we ever ask ourselves where is the result of my ‘environmental’ activities? Will it just be another fad or trend that goes in and out of style?

Pop! Can’t Stop!

I’ve noticed that there seem to be a bunch of K-pop artists trying to go global. With the success of the Wonder Girls (Nobody, Nobody but you! clap-clap), more and more artists from other Asian countries are penetrating our local music scene. Actually when we take a look back there are already artists from Japan, Indonesia and Korea that made it big here.

Ipagpatuloy ang pagbabasa ‘Pop! Can’t Stop!’

Silver Screen Returns!

Yes. I’m bringing it back: Silver Screen 2-point-Oh. In my previous blog home I usually write short reviews on the latest movies that I’ve just seen. Sometimes in one movie-review-post I would feature at least three films and give out just my quick impressions on them. I kept doing that for sometime until it became a boring. I mean here am I writing my impressions on movies that most people have already seen or planning on seeing… so I lost interest on doing that.

This time around with Silver Screen 2.0, I plan to feature films of all types (Animation, Documentary, Live Action, Foreign, Local) that were actually good but didn’t had the chance to be shown in our local shores or were underrated. There were actually a lot of good films out there. Sometimes we just need to open our minds to them. So here I am again, inviting you to join me in my journey to the different realms of Moving Pictures!


A new year. A new age. A fresh start. Another chance.
I just turned a year older two weeks ago. Every year I’ve been telling myself that I’ve grown so much, Changed a lot, but I guess I just like to think of it that way. I was really hoping that I wouldn’t change that much but it was like crashing through a huge wave. It was inevitable. Change is constant. I am not. Realizations suddenly come as we grow. To me the world becomes more and more senseless. As we grow, we get caught up in life created by our society. Being trapped in a routine. Work. Home. A little fun. Work. Some people just accept the fact that this is life while some lucky ones has found a different meaning in seeing life.
The children. I still envy them for in their eyes the world is still new and fascinating. Most people take that for granted, ridiculing other’s wonderment with the world. Immature — That’s the word they use to describe those who still has passion to live. Most complicate simple things in such various levels. A simple problem can be solved in an easy way yet most opt for the harder solution. Yet most of us has this inner child. How is a child laughing different from an adult laughing?
I just wish I won’t turn into one of those people. Dull. Boring. Lifeless… I still keep the child inside. In one way or another that kid inside of me pulls me through life itself. He keeps reminding me to be different; find Challenges; see life through another angle; Don’t let the passion fade away; Lust for life.
So here’s to another new year to me.

Freshness Guaranteed!

Simple banner

- Fizzy.Out.Burst -

I want to start again. It’s been an endless cycle for me in the blogging work: Active – Hiatus – Dead – Zombie Mode – Active. Ever since I started working I have less and less time for blogging nowadays. There’s so much things that I wanted to do but there is little time. Sometimes I find myself awake until the wee hours of the night (or morning) reflecting on what I have been doing in the past years of my life. Anyway enough about my rants, the important thing is I’m back again trying to revive my lonely home in the blogosphere. 🙂

Fizzy Outburst — it’s a title that I come up with when thinking about renovating my blog. It’s either I set-up another blogspace in wordpress or stick with this current one. Since I remembered that I have less time for writing things up, I think I’d rather speak through pictures in my blog. But I still promise to write even short posts about my interests. Why did I chose Fizzy Outburst? I noticed that sometimes I have this sudden bursts of inspiration come out from me. Sometimes unusual ideas pop-up at the most inappropriate times. These are the times when I’m not in front of my PC thinking of what to blog. With that I’m trying hard to stick to these ideas, making mental notes or taking them down in my cellphone just for me to remember them. The only problem again is finding the time to write it here. Anyway, let’s see if I can keep this up — (I also said this when I started my Tumblr account). Let’s hope for the best.

There may be changes with my current lay-out since I’m not yet decided on what the final version will be. 😛 . I think this will be my default theme for now. Just a little more minor tweaking and I’m done. Also, I’ll be writing mostly in English (Obviously to sharpen my English writing skills) so I want to say sorry in advance for future (and current) grammatical errors. Maybe there will be a little post on Tagalog every now and then. Let’s see where it takes us. 🙂

What to expect in the coming days: Past Adventures, Reviews, Hobbies, Reflections and whatever ideas that I can save from this fizzy brain of mine.


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